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About Us

White Rhino Fabrication

Chris Brown started WRF in 2006 in hopes that he could move away from his career as a software engineer that dulled over time.  Before he worked in computers, he was a mechanic for several years and he never lost the passion to be in the automotive industry.  Growing up in Mississippi, he was surrounded by the outdoors and offroading.  He runs the shop and makes sure everything gets done right and as fast as possible while paying attention to details and producing quality work.  


Personal Statement

"I love this industry and I want to make it available to everyone that wants to do it.  I am always striving to come up with something different in my designs that will not only look great but function even better.  I'm here to make your rig the rig you have always wanted."


What We Offer

    • Quality Fabrication -  We offer quality fabrication and we are here to fabricate just about anything you need.  We offer professional fabrication with a friendly attitude.  We are only here because of you and we show it.  

    • Custom Fabrication - We all know that your rig has to look good and function great.  That's why we do our best to come up with some custom ideas that you'll love.  If you have an idea let us hear it and we'll try to make your dream a reality.  We can customize anything from a roll cage to custom tube fenders to a custom dash for your jeep.

    • Customer Satisfaction - We are driven by customer service and we are here to make you happy.  If for any reason you have a problem, please call and we'll do our best to fix what ever went wrong.

    • Price Guarantee - We've all had it done to us, you go in to get some work done then when  you come to pick it up you are asked to pya a different price than what you were told.  We will not do any work on your rig unless we have spoken about it first and agree on the terms and conditions before hand.  If you have a formal price quote from us we will stick to it even if we lose money on the job.